Communications Challenges (CMM1002)

30 credits

This is a challenge-led module, which focuses on an aspect of social inequality in Western society from one of the following: class; race and ethnicity; gender and sexuality; disability; or digital inequality. The module will introduce you to key aspects that define social inequality, such as media representation, histories of under-representation and omission, and the relationship between politics and language, uneven access to technologies and other resources, and unjust and exclusionary infrastructures. Using a combination of workshops, lectures (including guest lectures from industry professionals), and tutorials, students you will work in small groups to devise a campaign to address a specific, current problem or issue of social inequality. Examples could include: diversifying the representation of the female body in the local media; raising awareness of mental health issues amongst young men locally (18-21); a campaign to address gender stereotypes in university sports societies; a campaign to raise awareness of rural broadband initiatives. The module will guide students you step-by-step in developing practical digital design skills and applied skills including identifying a target audience, social media campaign strategies, determining appropriate voice and language, and how to judge the ethics of campaigning.