Employment Experience Abroad (HUM3997)

120 credits

This module will permit Humanities undergraduate students to live and work abroad for the whole academic year (a minimum of 28 weeks). You will use one or more work placements to gain skills that equip you to work in the global jobs market and to improve your knowledge of foreign cultures. You are encouraged to think about the intercultural competence and the employability skills that you acquire during your year abroad.

You will normally need to have gained an overall average mark for the year of 50% or above at Level 1 in order to participate in ‘Employment Experience Abroad.’

Prerequisites: to have studied the workshop element of HUM2000 or HUM2001 (Humanities in the Workplace) and to have participated in the pre-departure briefing sessions for Humanities Employment Experience Abroad.
If the operational language of the work placement organisation is not English, you must have obtained an accredited Advanced Level module via the Foreign Language Centre at the University of Exeter, or be able to demonstrate the equivalent level of language acquisition (eg. DELF/ DELE/ TestDaf/CILS)

Suitability: This module is not suitable for Humanities students on the following programmes:
ESNA (English with Study in North America) programme; Modern Languages students.

This module cannot be combined with HUM3999 (Year Abroad).