German Language (MLG1001)

30 credits

This module is designed to offer you the chance to practise all four skills of German language learning – reading, writing, speaking and listening – through a wide variety of exercises. You will have the opportunity to practise translations, both into German and English, write short essays, give presentations and take part in debates on a range of topics. The module also aims to consolidate and extend your understanding of German grammar through weekly lectures, class practice and online exercises. Through the study and discussion of texts and videos, you will be able to deepen your understanding of German and Austrian history and culture and contemporary life in German-speaking countries. The module uses structured learning materials which have been tailor-made for first-year undergraduate students of German and which include a wide range of independent online study materials.

This module is designed for students who have an A-level in German language, or equivalent, and who wish to acquire the foundation for studying German at Level two and beyond.