Spanish Language (MLS1001)

30 credits

The module provides you with the opportunity to develop your language skills in Spanish through the medium of translation, reading and listening comprehension and oral debates. The course book for this module has been chosen to incorporate the most advanced techniques in the learning of the Spanish language but in a focused and varied manner. Different grammar points will be studied throughout the course, but they will be always explored in context. The translation classes will enhance the vocabulary acquisition as the students will be able to learn the use of bilingual and monolingual dictionaries effectively and appreciate the differences of style and structure between the English and the Spanish language. In the oral classes, the students will be given the opportunity to become acquainted with cultural elements of Spain and Latino America and to explore them in depth through the medium of individual presentations and debates.

This module is designed for students who have A-level or AS-level in Spanish language or equivalent, and who wish to acquire the foundation for studying Spanish at level two and beyond.