Dissertation (SML3015)

15 credits

The dissertation enables you to take an active role in your own learning by producing a sustained piece of critical work. If you already have a strong grounding in a particular sub-discipline of Modern Languages (e.g. Literary Criticism, Linguistics or Film Studies), you might be ready to meet the challenge of a Dissertation module. This requires you to devise your own research questions and pursue self-directed inquiry, programme of work and bibliography, under the guidance of an academic supervisor, with a view to writing the Dissertation.
You will develop in-depth knowledge of your chosen topic, expand your capacity for independent study and research, and gain experience in researching, drafting, and editing an extended essay or portfolio.

The Dissertation Portfolio option allows you to create an exhibition on a topic relevant to the national cinema of your language area, using materials from the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum. This option is subject to prior approval from the Museum’s Curator.