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Estefanía Cabello

Estefanía Cabello, XL Carmen Conde Poetry Prize

Congratualtions to Estefanía Cabello for winning the prestigious Carmen Conde Poetry Prize in its 40th edition with her book Muchacha con mirlo en las manos

Please join me in congratulating our visiting scholar and doctoral student (Cordoba-Exeter) Estefanía Cabello for winning the prestigious Carmen Conde Poetry Prize in its 40th edition with her book Muchacha con mirlo en las manos. 170 manuscripts  were presented to the prize and the jury unanimously made Estefanía the winner. This is Estefanía´s fourth book of poems. She has also published (and received International prizes for!) 13 segundos para escapar (2017 Gloria Fuertes Prize), La teoría de los autómatas (2018 Valencia Nova Prize) and, while in Exeter, El cielo roto de Shanghai. Her first collection of short stories, Quienes llegaron, is also appearing soon and will no doubt be as successful as her poetry.

Estefanía is also one of the 10 European academics receiving this month the Charles V European Research Prize Award, Council of Europe, ( for her doctoral research, entitled “Repensar el canon: mujeres españolas escritoras en la prensa decimonónica. Paradigmas y modelos previos en las literaturas francesa y británica” in which the Exeter & Devon Institution archives feature prominently!

It is impressive to see how much she has achieved this year and we hope her association with Exeter will continue well beyond her PhD. ¡Enhorabuena Estefanía!

Date: 25 May 2023

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