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German Advanced One (FLG3415)

15 credits

The module is appropriate for students who have an A-level (Grade A*-B) in the foreign language or equivalent or B1 of the Common European Framework for languages - CEFR. The module develops all four core language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as advanced grammatical structures of the target language. You will also learn more about the customs, culture and society in which German is spoken in order to develop awareness of the language’s background and context.

The module aims to:

  • review and consolidate the advanced structures of the German language, developing both vocabulary and range of language structures thus equipping you with the linguistic tools to enable you to communicate effectively in everyday and academic situations 
  • further develop and embed active and passive language skills, including comprehension skills in listening and reading, with particular emphasis placed on the skills necessary for effective oral and written communication in German at an advanced level. 
  • build on knowledge of the sociocultural aspects of the regions/countries in which the languages are spoken and to continue to develop transferable skills necessary for studying and/or working abroad.

The exit level of this module is broadly equivalent to B2 Independent User Level of the Common European Framework for Languages.