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Photo of  Florence Gomez

Florence Gomez

Lecturer (E&S)


01392 725702

I am very interested in all aspects of teaching languages and specifically focus on providing students with an authentic learning experience of quality. I have taught French at university level in France, the United States and the UK, and also have experience of teaching in private language schools for adults.


Over my career, I have had the chance to pilot innovative projects in many fields and work with motivated students and inspiring colleagues. My work has included:      

- Designing online quizzes, blogs, wikis to get a daily hand on French & IT, using social media to practice French worry-free,

- Setting up Le petit prince by St Exupery into a theatre play to refine French pronunciation & develop kinesthetic approach,

- Creating cine-club to absorb French cultural input,

- Having co-designed teaching & learning materials for the song and video clip Panam by Oxmo Puccino published on TV5 web site (learning French page),

- Working with French literature (La Gloire de mon père by Pagnol and Djinn by Robbe Grillet) at Intermediate level to root French grammatical structures in students ‘minds the passive way,

- Proofreading a thesis on translation of Matei Visniec’s play, Le Théâtre décomposé ou l’homme poubelle,

- Giving a talk on French cinema: From the end of French silent cinema to the beginning of the French New Wave,

- Creating and co-organizing a summer program in France, etc.


Responsibilities and roles:

·       Coordinator of French in the Foreign Language Centre at Exeter University (team of 8 tutors - about 350 students) / 2013-now

·       Administrator of the DELF-DALF Examination Centre at Exeter University / 2014-now

·       Academic Advisor for Liberal Arts programme / 2017-now

·       Director of Liberal Arts programme / 2015-2017


·       External Examiner for French (A1-C2 level)at Durham University / 2022-2026

·       External Examiner for French (C1 level/UG final year) at Leeds Metropolitan University / 2013-2017


·       UNILANG Accredited Examiner by the UNILANG Steering Committee, UK / 2022

·       DELF-DALF Examiner Trainer by France Education International, Fr / 2019-now

·       DELF-DALF Accredited Examiner by France Education International, Fr / 2013-now

·       Aurora Advanced Higher Education's Women Leadership programme, UK / 2019

·       ‘Formatrice Labélisée TV5 Monde’, Fr / 2013

·       Fellow of the Higher Education Association, UK / 2011


I also keep up to date by attending conferences, training and language shows in France and in the UK, and reading specific literature and magazines related to languages didactics.

Research interests

I regularly attend conferences and workshops and have been involved in the following conferences:

Modern Languages & Cultures Staff Development Workshops, University of Exeter / Sept 2019-2021

- Organised the programme and hosted the talks on intercultural competences, student engagement, blended learning, etc.


Sixth Colloquium on Innovation in Modern Languages Education, University of Exeter / June 2019

- Presented on Mediation for Modern Languages in Higher Education


College of Humanities Education Away Day, University of Exeter / June 2019

- Presented for Best Practice Showcase on Think Tank module success (Liberal Arts programme)


Online French Electronic Placement Test Designer, FLC, College of Humanities, University of Exeter / 2016-2017

- Team-worked with 3 colleagues to design multi-skill passive and active recognition and production exercises on Moodle

- Presented project at FLC training session / June 2016

- Presented project at the Innovative and Reliable Language Assessment and Test Design in Higher Education conference at the University of Exeter / June 2017

- Presented in a workshop at the EUROCALL conference in Southampton / August 2017


Council of Europe Project participant, New CEFR extended set illustrative descriptors for Mediation / 2017 & 2015

- Supervised in the Modern Languages & FLC at the university of Exeter and participated in workshops on writing, validating and piloting new CEFR descriptor scales directed by Brian North – CEFR co-author & Eurocentres Foundation Project coordinator

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