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Portuguese at Exeter offers the possibility of studying in an engaging research-active environment, examining not only the cultures and literatures of the Portuguese-speaking world, but also Portuguese linguistics: the established and emerging dialects of Portuguese, the current sociolinguistic situation in Portuguese-speaking African countries, Portuguese-speaking creoles, among other topics.

All staff in Portuguese are native speakers of Portuguese. You will be exposed to the two main standardized varieties of Portuguese: European and Brazilian Portuguese. We offer a friendly, supportive and challenging atmosphere that provides high quality teaching.

In addition to language modules, in which relevant social and cultural topics of Portuguese-speaking countries will be discussed, you will be able to discover the fascinating history of Portuguese-speaking countries and study Portuguese culture, linguistics, literature, and gender relations.

Studying Portuguese at the University of Exeter brings you into contact with one of the world's most diverse and fascinating cultures and its literary and artistic manifestations. You will gain an understanding of the factors involved in the emergence of the numerous varieties of Portuguese which in many places came into contact with local languages. You will also be able to witness the emergence and development of a variety of Portuguese in one of the most recent countries to adopt Portuguese as one of its official languages – East Timor. Staff research interests feed directly into your undergraduate degree programme. This means that you have access to the latest knowledge and ideas and will be taught by experts in the field.

You can study Portuguese through three pathways

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Modern Languages at Exeter consistently ranks among the top UK institutions in league tables for student satisfaction, teaching and research. We enjoy an international reputation for excellence in our research and teaching across seven languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese.

Our research, and research supervision, ranges across a wide variety of disciplines including European Literature and Culture, Film, Linguistics, Medieval Studies, Gender Studies, and Translation, and reaches across time from the medieval to the contemporary. As well as covering the cultures of major European nations, we have substantial expertise in those postcolonial nations where our core languages are spoken, particularly Latin America and Francophone Africa. Our research-active academic staff, supported by a team of language teachers which includes native-speaker teachers, are highly successful in winning prestigious research awards from funding bodies including the AHRC, British Academy, EU, Leverhulme, and Marie-Curie.

Postgraduate taught programmes

Postgraduate research

Staff in Portuguese at Exeter have research expertise in cultural and literary studies in Portuguese-speaking contexts and in Portuguese linguistics.

Research interests

  • Postcolonial, feminist and cultural studies in Portuguese-speaking contexts
  • Portuguese linguistics: language contact, variation and change

Research Centres

Research projects