Art Writing (AHVM003)

30 credits

This module is designed to provide you with the expertise to analyse and assess critical and contextual writing and to gain proficiency in producing texts suitable for a variety of different platforms: including art criticism, briefing documents, catalogue essay writing, exhibition texts, interpretation materials, podcasts and online content. It combines the development of the analytical and literary skills suitable for contemporary art criticism with practical instruction in the professional standards required for the varied and distinctive writing tasks associated with the criticism of or support for contemporary art. It also includes instruction in the preparation of documents relevant to arts advocacy (orientated to NGOs and/or civic/government departments) and arts investment (for private or corporate interests). Throughout, attention will be paid to the interplay between content, medium and anticipated audience and the need to modulate writing styles to produce effective communication in a variety of contexts. The module will include seminars and practical workshops, drawing on existing writing protocols and templates. A focus will also continue on professional practice and curatorial methodologies.

There will be a number of visits to museums and galleries during this period.

This module is unsuitable for non-specialist students.

It is not recommended for interdisciplinary pathways.