Critical Approaches in Medieval Research (HISM019)

30 credits

This module gives you the opportunity to engage closely with the research currently being conducted in the Centre for Medieval Studies at Exeter. You can choose one from a range of research strands, which may include some or all of the following: Late Anglo-Saxon England; Ottonian Germany; church and society in Europe, c.800-c.1200; British and Irish monastic culture; the cult of saints; medieval archaeology; magic, infertility and medicine; learning, literature and book culture in Late Medieval England; medieval music; the Pre-Reformation Church; European aristocracies; the political and social history of the Iberian Peninsula; English and French literature and society; and Italian Renaissance Humanism. Through a series of regular research workshops, you will engage with current debates and controversies in your tutor’s area of expertise and develop the conceptual understanding, source awareness and methodological skills you will need in order to pursue your own project of research. Through attendance at seminars organised by the Centre for Medieval Studies, you will also learn to communicate that research – its aims, methods and discoveries – which is an essential part of your development as a postgraduate researcher. The module will provide hands-on training to help you to develop key skills which are required for the MA dissertation and PhD research and are also transferable to other careers: planning and organisation of a project; research; detailed and critical analysis; and writing in a variety of formats.