Politics of Contemporary China (MLM2002)

15 credits

This module is designed for students interested in contemporary Chinese politics and society.  This module will introduce you to the key ideas and events relevant to contemporary Chinese politics through a guided exploration of representative literature and other media.  It is aimed at students with or without a background in politics and history.

The module will begin by exploring the “Century of Humiliation” narrative and continue into the ongoing “Century of Rejuvenation”.  Through this exploration, you will learn about the basics of contemporary Chinese politics: its historical antecedents, the basic structure of the modern Chinese state, the way Chinese politics have been (mis)understood by outside observers, and the major issues under discussion in today’s news and in academia.  We will then examine three broad sets of overlapping political tendencies in contemporary China so as to experience a sampling of the diversity of thought and opinion found in Chinese political discourse today.