Contemporary Russian Written and Oral (MLR1001)

30 credits

This is a module which is designed to cover all aspects of language learning: producing Russian, both orally and in writing; you will improve your comprehension of Russian through translation of Russian texts into English; you will also gain a sound understanding of key aspects of Russian grammar. The writing and translation classes are structured around the literary text ‘Dom s mezoninom’, by Anton Chekhov. Every week you will read a section of the story, and classes will be based on this material. Alongside these classes you will have Russian grammar and oral classes. In this way, you will engage each week in activities designed to promote independent learning, while making sure that there is plenty of opportunity for classroom discussion and practice of essential skills.

This module is designed for students who have an A-level in Russian language, or equivalent, and who wish to acquire the foundation for studying Russian at level two and beyond.