Constructing Nature: Stories we Live By (SML1002)

15 credits

This module explores how our understanding of nature and our relationship with it is constructed through stories we live by in our everyday life. These stories are structures in the mind of individuals and social groups which influence how we think, understand, and talk about nature. They are embedded in a wide range of discourses such as advertising, veganism, films, travel writing, the promotion of touristic destinations and lifestyles, meat industry guidelines, pet manuals etc. These stories shape our understanding of the state of ecological and environmental issues we are facing, and they can also inspire us to take positive and constructive action and change dominant narratives and look for positive and inspiring stories that can lead to a less destructive society and help us become more engaged citizens. The module will focus on a broad range of written and visual stories across languages and cultures and it will help you dissect, reveal, understand, and reconstruct these stories.