Intercultural Communication in a Global World (SML3009)

15 credits

The 21st century is characterised by increasing transnational movements (of people, products, socio-cultural practices, etc.) which affect individual and collective perceptions and understanding of one’s own culture, language, and identity. To succeed in such complex multilingual and multicultural environments, intercultural awareness, and competence, (the ability to recognise diversity and to function effectively in culturally diverse contexts) is fundamental. This team-taught module will help you deepen your understanding of intercultural communication in a wide range of settings, such as business and organisational contexts, and support the development of a non-essentialist view of culture to avoid stereotyping, prejudice, and othering. This is of particular relevance whether encounters are temporary, as in the case of tourism, or prolonged such as a period of study or work abroad, and migration. Adopting a global perspective, the module will give you the opportunity 1) to reflect critically on your own intercultural encounters, critical incidents, and culture shocks you may have experienced, and develop your intercultural competence, as well as an opportunity 2) to explore in depth verbal, nonverbal and visual data you have collected.