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The free event is open to researchers, students, artists and those who are curious.

Arts and Culture launch a playful new online event as part of their Creative Fellowships

Inspired by research taking place at the University of Exeter’s Sexual Knowledge Unit, join stand-up comedian Siân Docksey and Dr Ina Linge from the University of Exeter’s Department of Modern Languages and Cultures for the first in a series of special online events that are aimed to connect everyone curious and explores what queerness in nature can tell us about ourselves.

In the first of what is hoped to be a series of playful and experimental online events being developed by Siân and Ina, called ‘The Sex and Nature Salon’, they will bring together stand-up comedians, researchers and those who are curious to explore the question ‘why are we all obsessed with gay penguins?’

Using a rich mix of performances, informal discussion, games and hangout space, these events will help make new connections and offer a space to exchange ideas and create community across disciplines.

The Sex and Nature Salon: why are we all obsessed with gay penguins? will be hosted by Arts and Culture, University of Exeter zoom on Wednesday 21st October, between 7pm – 8.30pm.

The free event is open to researchers, students, artists and those who are curious.

Dr Ina said: ‘We’re excited to bring together artists, academics, comics, activists and all those interested in exploring our obsession with gay penguins. Creative detours are positively encouraged!’

Stand-up comedian Siân Docksey added: ‘I hope penguins joining our event from all (well, both) remaining non-melted sections of the planet will feel well-represented at our night, and that we help spark off loads of ideas about queerness in nature - as well as how to make online events as fun as a live gig. Humans are welcome too, with supervision.’

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Date: 21 October 2020

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