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Professor Michelle Bolduc

New Professor of Translation Studies and Director of the Masters programme

Internationally recognised Translation Studies expert Professor Michelle Bolduc is now in post as the Director of the University of Exeter’s Masters programme in Translation Studies.

Michelle Bolduc, Professor in Translation Studies at Exeter, is an internationally recognised scholar of Translation Studies and Comparative Medieval Literature (French, Occitan, and Italian), and has published extensively on medieval literature (translation) as well as on modern rhetoric--the New Rhetoric Project and its translation. In 2014 Michelle was awarded a two-year National Endowment of the Humanities Scholarly Editions and Translations Award ($116,000), a prestigious grant funded by the United States federal government. She has also received University-level Certification [qualification] in Comparative Literature from France’s Ministère de l’Education nationale [French National Education Ministry]. She has taught and lectured on translation in the UK, the United States, and France.

Since starting in the role, Michelle has already instigated some exciting changes to the increasingly popular Masters programme, including securing funding to update the Modern Language facilities in 2017, and recruitment for a Work Placement Co-ordinator who will specifically support the course’s students in gaining work placement opportunities.

“Translation Studies at Exeter is unusual: it enjoys extraordinary instructional breadth, including a full-time dedicated core of academic staff in Translation Studies, an intensive and stimulating research culture, as well in-depth practical professional training. We are excited to be able to offer to MA students hands-on experience of the language services industry through work placements that are tailored to their individual interests!”

Date: 17 January 2017

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