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Our research is characterised by world-leading and internationally excellent research centres spanning a wide range of sub-disciplinary fields.

Centre for Translating Cultures

The Centre provides a context to draw together work on ‘Translating Cultures’ within the University. We interpret translating cultures broadly and explore migrations, border-crossing, exile, diaspora, adaptation, intermediality and multimedia from the 1100s to the present day.

Global China Research Centre

By proposing the concept of “Global China”, the Centre aims to provide an innovative perspective of seeing China not only as a geographic region, but more importantly as a non-European epistemology.

Exeter Centre for Latin American Studies

The Centre aims to consolidate and enhance the visibility of Latin American studies (broadly conceived) as a growing field of study at the University of Exeter, and provide a platform to draw together the existing, but fragmented, expertise in Latin America in various departments of the University of Exeter.

Centre for Medieval Studies

The Centre for Medieval Studies was established in order to encourage regular academic contact between medievalists in the University and elsewhere, to promote interdisciplinary approaches to the medieval period and to act as a forum for postgraduate teaching and research.

Centre for Early Modern Studies

Colleagues involved in the Centre are engaged in research on all aspects of the period between c1500 and 1800 and expertise spreads from Britain and Europe to the Middle East and North America.

Centre for Intermedia and Creative Technology

The Centre for Intermedia and Creative Technology (CICT) promotes advanced transdisciplinary research in digital technology and creative media through collaborations between artists, programmers, performers, designers and scientists from a range of disciplines.