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Chinese studies

Chinese Studies at Exeter brings together expertise in Chinese literature, translation, cultural studies, art and architectural history, history of ideas, contemporary Chinese foreign policy, Sino-Middle Eastern relations, and Sino-European relations in art and culture.

This group coordinates Chinese Studies Seminars Series at the College level. It also steers the Global China Research Centre, which aims to stimulate interdisciplinary research on China within the realm of humanities, arts, and social sciences.

Recent projects include:  Dr Yue Zhuang’s EU Marie-Curie research grant for her project “Entangled histories of ‘Nature’ in the landscape discourses of early modern China and Europe”; Dr Ting Guo’s work on Identity or Obsession: Translating Homosexuality into Chinese; and Dr Zhiguang Yin’s work on The Making of the Third World: the Chinese Narrative of the National Question and Sino-Middle Eastern Relations during the Cold War, 1949-1979.

Staff membersResearch Area Email 
Dr. Yue ZHUANG Architectural and art history of China and Britain (18th century), Sino-European exchanges in the field of art and culture (18th century), and Chinese literature on landscape
Dr. Ting GUO Translation, sexuality and modernity, Chinese middlebrow cinema, translation and history, Translation in conflict, Chinese literature in translation
Dr. Zhiguang YIN Modern Chinese Intellectual History, 19-20th century Literary History, Contemporary Chinese Foreign Policy, Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics, Sino-Middle Eastern relations

Listed below are the projects associated with the Chinese studies research group that secured external funding.

For information on other projects, please see individual staff pages or the research pages for each individual language.

Recent projectsStaff member
EU Marie-Curie research grant supported Dr Yue Zhuang’s “Entangled histories of ‘Nature’ in the landscape discourses of early modern China and Europe” (2014-2018) Dr. Yue ZHUANG
Chinese CITIC Foundation for Reform and Development Studies sponsored Dr Zhiguang Yin’s project: “Beyond Nation-State: Understanding “National Problem” in Cold War China” (2015-2016) Dr. Zhiguang YIN

Chinese studies seminar series

2014-15 Past events

Term One
11 November 2014 Professor Tim Niblock (Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies, Exeter) Displacing the Western Powers in the Gulf: the Strategic Implications of China’s Growing Role in the Arab/Persian Gulf Region (Chair: Dr Zhiguang Yin, Exeter)
25 November 2014

Workshop: Body, Medicine and Landscape: China and Europe, 17-19th centuries
Venue: MR1, Queen's Building (launch event of the Chinese Studies Seminar Series)
(Chair: Dr Zhiguang Yin, Exeter)

Dr Corinna Wagner (Exeter, English) Emergent Environments: Epidemic, Reform and the Design of Cityscapes

Prof. Shaoxin Dong (Fudan University) A Global Perspective on the Exchanges of Medical Culture between Beijing and St Petersburg through Jesuit Channel in 18th Century

Dr Yue Zhuang (Exeter) ‘Living spirits’, body-politics, and landscapes amidst the cultural contact between China and Europe in 17th -18th centuries

Term Two
January 2015

Prof. Han Jiaming (Peking University) “The Mid-Eighteenth-Century Novel: A Dream of Red Mansion in Comparison with Clarissa and Tom Jones

Discussant: Prof. Jane Spencer (Exeter, English)

16 February 2015

Prof. Yongle Zhang (Peking University) From Constitutionalisation to Revolution: The Politics of "FaTong" and the Disenchantment of Constitutionalism in China, 19121925

Discussant: Dr Zhiguang Yin (Modern Languages, Exeter)

25 February 2015 Dr Junqing Wu (Affiliated, History, Exeter) Joint seminar with Centre for Translating Cultures Sex in the Cloister: Cross-cultural perspectives on late imperial anti-clerical Chinese literature

(Chair: Dr Tehyun Ma, Exeter, History)
04 March 2015

Dr Li Xinmei (Fudan University) Joint seminar with Centre for Translating Cultures Russian émigrés in Shanghai

15-18 May 2015

Advanced International Workshop on The Senses in Sino-Western Cultural Exchanges in the Early Modern Period (Collaboration between International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University and The College of Humanities, University of Exeter) [event taking place at Fudan University]

Student nameSupervisorsThesis topic
Mr. Russell Sanchez Dr Yue Zhuang Lord McCartney’s embassy to China in 1792