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Obscenity in Renaissance France

Obscenity in Renaissance France

This AHRC-funded network ran from 2007-09 and brought together 30 researchers from the UK, France, USA, Switzerland and the Netherlands to study the notion of obscenity in Renaissance France.

This website provides a record of the people, events and publications involved. Collaborative research by participants in the network is continuing with current projects, including Gossip and Nonsense: Excessive Language in Renaissance France and French Libertine Verse (c.1600-1622): A Pilot Project for Editing the "Recueils satyriques".


Dr Hugh Roberts (University of Exeter)

Advisory Board

Professor Barbara C. Bowen (Vanderbilt University)

Professor Michael Heath (King's College, London)

Professor Michel Jeanneret (Université de Genève)

Professor Valerie Worth-Stylianou (Trinity College, University of Oxford)


Professor Cécile Alduy (Stanford University)

Dr Ariane Bayle (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3)

Catherine Baxter (University of Cambridge)

Dr Dominique Brancher (Universität Basel)

Dr Pollie Bromilow (University of Liverpool)

Dr Jeanice Brooks (University of Southampton)

Dr Emily Butterworth (King's College, London)

Professor Michèle Clément (Université de Lyon 2)

Dr Marianne Closson (Université d’Artois)

Dr Vincenzo Ercolani (CESR, Tours/Université de Lyon 3)

Professor Philip Ford (Clare College, University of Cambridge)

Peter Frei (Université de Fribourg)

Professor Russell Ganim (University of Iowa)

Dr Joseph Harris (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Dr Emma Herdman (University of St Andrews)

Dr Grégoire Holtz (University of Toronto)

Dr Jelle Koopmans (Université d'Amsterdam)

Dr Nelly Labère (Université de Bordeaux III Michel de Montaigne)

Dr Franck Manuel (Université de Toulouse)

Dr William McKenzie (St Hilda's College, University of Oxford)

Professor Jeff Persels (University of South Carolina)

Professor Guillaume Peureux (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)

Professor Patricia Simons (University of Michigan)

Dr Helen Swift (St Hilda's College, University of Oxford)

Dr Dirk Van Miert (Huygens ING)

Dr Lise Wajeman (Aix-Marseille Université)

Professor Rebecca Zorach (University of Chicago)

Symposium on the Notion of Obscenity in Renaissance France, Clare College, Cambridge, 20th-21st July 2007.

London French Seminar, Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, London, 24th October 2007.

Publication Workshop and Strategy Meeting, Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, London, 10th December 2007.

The Notion of Obscenity in Renaissance France, panel at the Renaissance Society of America, Chicago, 3rd-5th April 2008 with Russ Ganim (chair), Grégoire Holtz, Hugh Roberts and Rebecca Zorach.

Symposium and Publication Workshop, University of Exeter, 3rd-5th July 2008.

Publication Workshop and Future Research Strategy and Collaborations, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, 12th-14th March 2009.

Obscenity in Renaissance France, panel at the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference, Geneva, 28th-30th May 2009 with Dominique Brancher (chair), Pollie Bromilow, Emma Herdman and Hugh Roberts.

The network has authored two major publications:

Obscénités renaissantes, ed. by Hugh Roberts, Guillaume Peureux and Lise Wajeman (Geneva: Droz, 2011). Table of contentspreface by Michel Jeanneret.

Obscenity, vol. 14 of EMF: Studies in Early Modern France (2010), ed. by Russell Ganim and Hugh Roberts. Table of contents.

Database of obscenities

Please click here to access the Database of obscenities.