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Staff profiles

Mary Coghill

Honorary Research Fellow

2018-2021 Honorary Research Fellow, Exeter University, Modern Languages and Russian Department

2014 -2017 Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Studies, University of London

2012 Fellow at London Metropolitan University

2011 PhD ‘A Theory and Praxis of a City Poetic: Jakobson, Poetic Function and City Space; Women, Deixis and the Narrator: A City Poem: ‘Shades of Light: A Triumph of City’ London Metropolitan University (Thesis available on )

2005 M.A. Creative Writing, Plymouth University

1973 B.A. (Hons.) English Language and Literature, Nottingham University


Research interests

The Honorary Research Fellowship at Exeter University provides an opportunity to pusue further publication of theory and new praxis with reference to the semiotic and linguistic theories of Roman Jakobson.

To provide further translated work from the Russian by selelcted Russian authors.

To further explore the theory and praxis of a city poetic.

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