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Photo of  Hui-hua Lu

Hui-hua Lu

PhD student

I am a PhD student in translation studies, and my PhD project focuses on the cultural aspect of translation. I adopt Lefevere’s rewriting theory and use Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as the case to study how ideology on girlhood/womanhood is presented in the translations of Wonderland in Taiwan. Before coming to Exeter, I completed an undergraduate degree in digital arts at the University of Oregon, USA, where I developed my interests in arts and imaging. After my undergraduate degree, I went back to Taiwan to work as a graphic designer and web designer until my passion for languages led me to teaching English and translation. I then completed my master’s degree in translation studies at Newcastle University. I have been teaching English for almost ten years and is a translator since 2014. Currently, I am a teaching assistant in Modern Languages and Cultures here in Exeter. ​You can find more about me here:


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