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Joshua Taylor

PhD Student

I am studying for my PhD in 'Interdisciplinary Studies' within the Modern Languages department at the University of Exeter.  

My research is situated primarily in the Sociolinguistics field, which includes the study of the relationship between language and society. More specifically, I investigate the effects of linguistic diversity on the sense of contemporary British-national identity as a multicultural society in two educational contexts. This study will gather students' (and teachers') perceptions of identity in a multilingual-secondary school in Bristol; concerning migrant or community languages and a Welsh-medium secondary school in Cardiff to exemplify the effects of an Indigenous UK language. These locations offer insight into two core British cities, which have not received extensive research attention previously, although they are increasingly becoming multilingual. They are also geographical areas that I have good prior knowledge of and are reasonably close to the University for a study of this nature. 

My research interests broadly lie in all fields of linguistics, but in particular, multilingualism, identity, education and intercultural communication. Aside from my studies, I enjoy language learning, reading, baking, travelling, listening to music, and walking my dog.  

All previous studies of mine have been at Exeter, first having earned a BA (Hons) in Religion and Mediterranean studies with French and Spanish through Flexible Combined Honours. I next completed a Master of Education (MEd) in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), which allowed me to form a strong foundation for my PhD studies. I am currently under the supervision of Francesco Goglia (Modern Languages) as my primary supervisor and Gabriela Meier (Graduate School of Education) as my secondary supervisor. 


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