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Yuliya Kostyuk

Lecturer in Russian (E&S)


01392 724284

Teaching has been a passion of mine for many years.

I am a Lecturer in Russian. I first graduated in Economics at the Kyiv National Economic University and worked for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Kyiv. I began teaching Russian at the University of Exeter in 2001, where I was awarded an MA with distinction in Translation in 2010.

My focus has always been on improving the student experience and designing high-quality digital learning resources to support students' learning alongside live teaching.

Throughout my 21-year teaching career at the University of Exeter, I have continuously taught writing, oral, translation and comprehension seminars in Russian modules at all levels.

While the teaching I have done at degree level has been as a Russian programme team member delivering pre-existing modules, I am now also teaching at the Foreign Language Centre. I have drawn on my experience and expertise to develop, convene and teach two new Russian modules at the FLC.

From 2007 to 2020 inclusive, I have created, developed and delivered Russian courses for the Evening Language Programme for different abilities. These ran continuously and very successfully.

I became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2012, after completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice at the University of Exeter.

Since 2013, I have been involved with MA Translation as a dissertation supervisor and first marker. In 2018-19, I successfully designed and delivered Russian language courses - 'Languages in Action' - for the Tri-Service University's Short Course Programme for The Ministry of Defence.

With a strong background in Russian and Ukrainian translation, I am an experienced teacher in both languages at all levels and enjoy learning and sharing ideas and cultures. I am interested in innovative teaching in intercultural contexts. I am continuously using creative pedagogical methods and new digital teaching tools to improve my students' learning experience. I have had the opportunity to utilise my Russian language across diverse professional contexts – from translating complex material (including working with the public sector/ private clients/ the publishing industry) to singing Russian songs in class with my students.

I have received a DVC Education Commendation, several Above & Beyond nominations, and consecutive nominations for the Teaching Awards to recognise my contribution to teaching, new approaches in methodology, student support and enhancements to the student's learning experience.

Contribution to discipline

External positions:

  • External examiner, Keele University (2021-2025)


My current role is Lecturer in the DML&C and in the FLC. I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I teach Russian language for Modern Languages undergraduate students across all years and in the Foreign Language Centre. I also convene three Russian modules: FLR1130, FLR2230 and FLR2330.

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