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Photo of Dr José Carlos Tenreiro Prego

Dr José Carlos Tenreiro Prego

Senior Lecturer in Spanish (E&S)


01392 723834

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

Current roles:

Senior Lecturer (Education & Scholarship) in Spanish

Coordinator for Spanish in the Foreign Language Centre

DELE Exams Coordinator and Chief Examiner

External Examiner at Sheffield Hallam University

Office hours: TBC

Room 141, Queen's Building

Research collaborations


Selected Papers/Presentations: 


J.C. Tenreiro Prego, "The Self" and "The Other": Integrating Marginalised Voices from Latin America into Spanish Teaching Resources", delivered at the University of Iceland (Reykjavík, 2023).


J.C. Tenreiro Prego, “Confronting the Pandemic through Blended Learning: Using in Asynchronous Language Teaching”, delivered at the ‘22th AULC Annual Conference’ (University of Leeds, 2021).


Ibid., delivered at ‘EUROCALL 2021’ (Sorbonne Université, 2021).


J.C. Tenreiro Prego, “Spanish in the Workplace at Exeter: Enhancing Intercultural Competence and Employability”, delivered at the ‘19th AULC Annual Conference’ (Sheffield Hallam University, 2018).


J.C. Tenreiro Prego, “Introducing computer-based placement tests at Exeter: reflecting on experience”, delivered at 'Innovative and Reliable Approaches to Language Assessment and Test Design in Higher Education' (University of Exeter, 2017).


J.C. Tenreiro Prego, “Reshaping Computer-Based Placement Tests at Exeter: Reflecting on Experience”, delivered at ‘EUROCALL 2017’ (University of Southampton, 2017).


J.C. Tenreiro-Prego et al., “Why Study a Language”, at “Languages at University and Beyond” (Truro and Penwith College), July 2015.


J.C. Tenreiro Prego, “Understanding a Minority Language: The Sociolinguistic Reality in Galicia”, delivered at the University of Exeter, 2012.


Dr José Carlos Tenreiro Prego received his BA and PGCE from the University of Santiago de Compostela, MA from the University of Kansas, and PhD from the University of Exeter, where he currently coordinates the Spanish modules in the Language Centre. He has ample experience in teaching Spanish as L2 in the UK, Spain, France and the United States. His areas of interest are varied and include intercultural competence, assessment and feedback, blended learning and digital pedagogy.

Dr Tenreiro Prego is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  

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